The Diabolical Mr Tiddles

"This delightfully illustrated book shows the important things about friendship in an engaging, amusing story." The BookSeller

The Diabolical Mr Tiddles

"I like the title of the book, although I didn't know what diabolical meant, so Mum had to explain it. It's good to learn a new word and diabolocal is quite a fun word to say" AishL, The Guardian

Out now in all good book shops!

“Mr Tiddles is a lovable rascally character. Great fun!”

Claire Freedman, creator of Aliens Love Underpants

Big Bad Bill on the Naughty Step

Uh-oh! Sam's back on the naughty step again.

Out this July!

Big Bad Bill on the Naughty Step

Captain Buckleboots and Sam return once again, but this time they've got company… Out this July!

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